TRBC Total Reclaim System
TRBC Total Reclaim System

TRBC Total Reclaim System

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"My face and my head have never been this smooth or this clean and I don't have to worry about getting bumps"
- Casey B., The Razor Bump Company Customer


✅ Reduce Ingrown Hairs: An essential step, particularly for men of color — Restore, our Konjac Exfoliation sponge will help keep hair above the skin and helps clear away any dead skin that could obstruct growth.

✅ Restore Your Skin: Remove dirt, grime, and dead skin cells using our daily facial cleanser, TRBC Refresh.

✅ Remove Stubborn Ingrown Hairs with Precision: Our Amazon™ Best Seller tweezers are unmatched. Our precision professional tweezers can remove ingrown hairs with ease. These aren't your mother's tweezers!

Reduce Skin Irritation: The main component of our system. Premium natural ingredients purify and tone your fresh skin after your shave. No unpleasant odors or stickiness.

Get the complete TRBC experience in a single box. This TRBC Total Reclaim System™ features our most popular product, the TRBC Refine Aftershave Serum & Balm, our Konjac exfoliation sponge, TRBC Refresh — our daily facial cleanser, and a pair of our professional precision ingrown hair tweezers.

Experience all TRBC has to offer with the TRBC Reclaim Your Skin System™. Plus, save 13% when you purchase these items together.


This TRBC Total Reclaim System™ is a bundle of all of our products, a one-stop-shop for all of your skincare needs. The TRBC Total Reclaim Bundle consists of:

  • REFRESH: Prevents clogged skin pores that trap hairs causing them to curl under the skin and create razor bumps. This miracle cleanser also softens the skin making it perfect for supreme exfoliation. REFRESH removes whiteheads, blackheads and reduces red inflamed pimples. REFRESH contains a strong antiseptic that reduces skin inflammation and irritation which allows your skin to heal faster. Diminish the look of lines and wrinkles leaving your skin REFRESHED!

  • REFINE: A premium Aftershave Serum & Balm that is an excellent choice as an aftershave for both Men and Women. It was scientifically engineered to help men and women who suffer from Pseudofolliculitis Barbe (PFB) more commonly known as Razor Bumps. REFINE is a revolutionary aftershave that actually nurtures skin cells relieving signs of blemishes and scars left by razor bumps or burns.

  • RESTORE: The perfect exfoliation brush. Exfoliation is the process of gently scrubbing away layers of dead skin cells that clogs the skin. Clogged skin cells don’t allow a proper pathway for facial and pubic hair to grow. Clogged skin cells cause hairs to curl under the skin and cause razor bumps. Using RESTORE daily is a key step in eliminating razor bumps and preventing bumps or acne from occurring by opening skin pathways so hairs can grow properly. Proper exfoliation reveals previously trapped vibrant new skin cells. Once the dead skin is removed, applying a non-alcohol based razor bump serum such as REFINE will penetrate more deeply into the skin, significantly reducing razor bumps.

  • RBC-10 Professional Precision Tweezers: "Best yet..." as described by one of our Amazon customers. Our Amazon Best Selling Tweezers are made specifically for ingrown hair removal. Our tweezers are made specifically for plucking out curly, coarse, ingrown hair, which can help relieve your razor bumps. Our precision tweezers can also remove splinters, ticks, and another hard to get items. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they are strong, anti-rust, and non-magnetic. A must-have tool in any bathroom, kitchen, or garage!