7 Reasons Why Emu Oil Is Kickass For Your Skin

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One of the most important skincare ingredients taking the world by storm today is Emu Oil.

Emu oil is said to have been used for thousands of years as a treatment for burns, wounds, joint discomfort, and even as an anti-aging treatment. History also states that the Australian Aborigines have been using it years for these purposes due to its anti-inflammatory effects and benefits for the skin.

It wasn’t until recent times that the amazing benefits of emu oil made its way to the public’s attention. Several studies have been carried out to validate their use and benefits. Go ahead, ask anyone who has used emu oil and you will most likely find nothing but happier, healthier people and positive results.

Perhaps, the most important benefit of emu oil is how it is easily absorbed into the skin. Thanks to its small particles, this makes it penetrate deeper into your skin and carries other ingredients with it.

Interesting right?

This is why I want to share with you these ten reasons why emu oil is kickass your skin.

It Is A Moisturizer

The fact that emu oil has the ability to penetrate into the inner layers of the skin, enhancing the ability of the upper layers to retain moisture, makes is great for the skin. Emu oil is quick-absorbing, aiding the effective lock-in of skin moisture, making the skin less prone to cracking or drying out.

Another interesting thing is that it appears that emu oil can pass this absorbable effect on other ingredients when they are mixed together. Lovely right?

It Has Anti-Aging Benefits

Besides its moisturizing effects, emu oil enhances the production of collagen. Collagen is an important compound that keeps the skin elastic, plump, and wrinkle-free.

Emu oil’s antioxidant capabilities can also reduce any signs of aging caused by an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body… which could cause a whole lot of problems in the body and the skin.

Emu Oil Leaves No Oily Residue

As mentioned earlier, because emu oil is easily absorbed, many in the cosmetics industry and manufacturers are using Emu Oil because it penetrates quickly leaving no oily residue. It also has properties that allow it to blend oil and water into a cream that does not leave your skin feeling oily.

This is why, unlike other oily ingredients, emu oil leaves no oily residue that could lead to skin pore-clogging… and you know how bad having oily skin could be. This brings us to the next reason…

Emu Oil Doesn’t Clog Pores

Nothing contributes to outbreaks and pimples than clogged pores. And guess what the major culprit of clogged pore is? Oily skin.

This is why you shouldn’t use just any oily ingredient except one that could be absorbed easily by the skin. This is why emu oil is one of the best out there.

And also, emu oil is non-comedogenic, which means it does not cause or exacerbate acne.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

Another proven helpful usage of emu oil is as an anti-inflammatory. Research shows that emu oil cream goes a long way toward helping to reduce swelling from sprains, bruises, and wounds. And it is reported that reducing inflammation can reduce pain by up to 50%.

Because it is highly concentrated with natural anti-inflammatory compounds, emu oil is very effective for soothing the feel and look of acne infection. It is also great for treating razor bumps and razor burn.

Emu Oil Can Help Heal Wounds, Scars, and Sun Damage

Not only is emu oil considered anti-inflammatory, but it is also said to be bacteriostatic, meaning that it helps inhibit bacterial growth. This can play a role in curbing the risk of infection.

Because of its painkilling property, its antioxidant nature, and its ability to penetrate into the deep of the skin, emu oil can be used on wounds, cuts, bruises, or burns. It helps ease the pain and helps protect the skin from additional damage.

One more thing, applying creams with emu oil on cuts, burns, or bruises… the linoleic acid in emu oil has positive effects that could:

  • increase hair follicles in wound areas
  • offer protective benefits from scarring
  • lighten age spots
  • decrease acne scars

Emu Oil Has Low Skin Irritation Problems

Lastly, in describing the likelihood of causing skin irritations, comparisons have been made to the effects of simply putting water on the skin. So, emu oil is known to have low to no irritation on any skin type.

As you can see Emu Oil is pretty much amazing! This is why we (The Razor Bump Co.) have decided to include it in our REFINE Aftershave! We searched the Earth for the best ingredients for razor bumps and we’ve included some amazing ingredients in our scientifically-engineered formula. Be sure to check out our amazing ingredient list to see more!

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